Making Impacts through Collaboration: Here’s Why.

Do you know that we are all connected to something bigger than ourselves?

It might not be always a serious thing as political-views or volunteering, it can start from something small: a portion of our role in society. Sense of belonging and the need for collaboration spiraled in the past two months wherein humanity becomes the epicenter. We at LSF continuously seeking the best course of action, or solutions or simply by practicing empathy and connecting it with our programs. It might not solve everybody’s problem but it will build understanding among us so we can have a conversation about how this crisis affected others terribly and how we can show up for them.

LSF’s underlying value is collaboration, one thing in common whose good people at MblocSpace welcome us in open arms. As it transpired, the first LSF and MblocSpace collaboration were at the first SnatcherClass in February 2020, all before our motherland hit by #covid19, the pandemic, and followed by crisis. During this crisis, the principle of collaboration never changed but the method is. Thus, LSF Committee agreed to donate profits from our SnatcherClass and SnatcherTalk to MblocSpace’s campaign at kitabisa. We intend to show up for them. After running our online activities, LSF has donated IDR 7,581,000 to this campaign. Previously, we donated IDR 3,000,000 to BNPB as they’re the first opening a donation-channel on their website.

The above would not be possible without your participation in our activities. This moment of humanity surely doesn’t need to be announced, however, LSF also upholds transparency in making things happen. These donations would help those in need, from their daily needs to opening more doors of opportunities to survive. Imagine better work and great things if we continuously connect and collaborate with others.


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