Are You Ready for July? Supercharge with What You Learned in our June activities

A break during routines will help us contemplate and define our next move.

After two weekends away for Eid Holiday, LSF Activities are back to accompany, inspire, and open up your horizon. We at LSF often amplify our mission statement to learn new things every day, be consistent, never afraid to create and collaborate, as what we share in #everyonecancreate. It’s with that spirit we curate and design our June 2020 Program expanding our skills in Writing, Storytelling and Videography.

We will go through what you attended or might have missed this June. Here’s a recap:

#SnatcherTalk_07: How to Tell Great Travel Story by Muhammad Arif Rahman

@ArievRahman allowed us to reimagine and look forward to traveling again, obviously after this pandemic ends. He is known as Traveler before he paved his way up to something bigger, even might not be in his intention when he first started. Arif won multiple awards and accolades before collaborate with his fellow traveler to run a business based on what they’re passionate about travel. From his travel, Arif pours his experience in his blog before evolving it to vlog not so long ago. As the snatchers gotten heated up, Arif always encourages writing in a way that he also gives us his accent of writing: its narrative, not descriptive, a minimum 1000 words writing, and slips in some humor in between. Arif said a good travel article is structured or shaped like a good short story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

From traveling to writing, now, who would’ve imagined running a profitable business based on that?

#SnatcherClass_04: Creative Writing Essentials for Telling Stories Virtually by Windy Ariestanty

@windy_ariestanty delivered a top-notch class including actual practice in creative writing. Windy, or Kak W, has a well-rounded experience as Editor, Travel-Writer, Consultant, and an Advocate of Literacy. She has consulted major corporations and start-ups in the country and also notable brands. Kak W opened the class with a simple one-liner: people don’t like to be told what to do they prefer to be told stories. One thing that strikes most is the key element is actually empathy. With empathy, it’ll maximize our shared experiences, fuel our curiosity, and leave us with the feeling. Empathy is somewhat the missing link when people tell their stories. Empathy has to be nurtured by interactions throughout the process. Practicing creative writing through storytelling steps are generating ideas, writing descriptively, describing a setting, developing characters, plotting the events, and structuring the story itself. Of course, all and all our visuals will also lead the story. Kak W said there are no dull subjects or stories, only boring creators.

From the class, we at LSF Committee also felt enlightened, definitely will ask Kak W to lead an offline class once we’re good to go!

#SnatcherTalk_08: Emotional Storytelling for Video Creator by Upie Guava

“Make the Impossible, possible!”, said @upieguava enthusiastically. A Movie and Music Video Director, Upie also works on Commercial Director, all use a storytelling approach. One that always passionate about what he does, Upie lit up the SnatcherTalk.

During the pandemic Upie, apparently, took a break a bit before he goes back to work, directing Noah’s music video remotely. It’s involved quite plenty of visual effect, as he admits. Even though our session is right at the end of his editing process, Upie did not fail to deliver what he agreed to do so. He shared his 3,2,1 steps in creating an emotional video. Simply put, you can also use the Set Up – Punch Line method.

One thing that we quoted from Upie, “emotion is actually a response from negativity toward a positive point of view”. Wouldn’t it be thrilling if we also ask Upie to lead an offline workshop later this year?

#SnatcherTalk_09: Maximizing Your Mobilephone for Video Production by Nara Sena Iman

@narasenaa, a Cinematographer and Director of Photography, lits up the idea of using your mobile phone to create your video. Any video. Starts from one shot and level up gradually. Sena said we build a niche market by using mobile phone because everyone else’s using the big gears. Having said that, Sena gives us his tips in convincing potential clients to make it happen. Aside from shoots itself, Sena routes us to the kind of application he utilized in video editing and additional gears to support video production using mobile phone. The most important thing Sena highlighted was we really need to master our mobile phone, it’s features, ins and outs, including its limitations. We all should master it by now given the #StayHome situation, perhaps, start shooting at your home?

Every practical skill and tip from our Speakers are highly relevant for all, and, we believe are applicable. We bring more Speaker and Gurus in July to take the virtual stage you don’t want to miss out, it's here!

A little secret from our desk, we might create offline sessions for a limited number of people. So, are you ready for July?

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