Coming from different disciplines for many years, everyone on the team is committed to collectively combine their creatives side in Light Snatcher Festival. From the one thing that we most passionate about, we have the best intention and a can-do attitude to make things happen and resonate the idea of “everyone can create”

Dita Alangkara

Dita is a seasoned Photojournalist who currently serves as Chief Photographer at The Associated Press Jakarta Bureau. Leading Exhibition and Program directory, he serves as Chief of Curator at the Light Snatcher Festival. As a thought leader in Photojournalism and Street Photography in Indonesia, Dita influences people to create their own photo project to level up their skills. Movement of #semuabisamencipta becomes the base of what the Light Snatcher Festival is all about. 

IG @ditaalangkara

Program and Exhibition Director (Head of Curator)


Prass is an Award-Winning Mobile Photographer, who’s also a Freelance Producer, Photographer/Film Maker. Accustomed to pull together various elements in a production, Prass connects the dots by hammering out the budget to create artwork and secure varying advertising-related usages. As a strong believer in the power of humanity to overcome great odds, he snatches this remarkable trait wherever he finds it. Having a shared-value, Prass joins Light Snatcher Festival as Assistant Curator.

IG @prassprasetio

PROGRAM and Exhibition curator

Aries Lukman

Creator’s blood runs through his vein as he founded the first-ever photography community in a mobile device, iPhonesia. Aries, who works a full-time job leading one of the Insulation Company, is highly passionate in Smartphone Photography and makes it his expertise. He is actively speaking at multiple events and engagements about Photography while successfully builds another movement and community #EverydayMotret. In 2019, Aries is chosen as Brand Ambassador of OPPO Reno.

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Mashuri Hardy Putra

Diving for years in the creative and digital world, Ulie is the go-to-guy when it comes to ideas, media planning, and content creation. Building iPhonesia as Community Manager with Aries, he strives to spread the awareness and amplify the message of “everyone can create”. As full-time Creative Director in one of Digital Agencies, Ulie is also known as Photographer and Content Creator. The unavoidable connection of both, he aims to widespread how smartphone photography is still appealing.

IG @ulie

Media and Communication DIrector

Miranti Kemala

Miranti is known as a Digital HR Practitioner prior to kickstarting the Light Snatcher Festival. Her professional path shapes as Human Resource predominantly in the Technology stream before leading one of Human Capital Consulting Firm in the country. This particular exposure offers a diverse approach in igniting the importance of authenticity through continuous learning and collaboration in an ever-changing digital landscape. Inspired by her peers, Miranti gets most of her snatches through her travels.

IG @miraanti

Festival Director

Rori Syarif Hidayat

A Dutch-Literature graduated, Rori completed his skills in Film Production at New York Film Academy, USA. Rori is a highly creative individual with a keen interest in the world of Street Photography and Film Buff. With that deadly-combination, Rori joins Light Snatcher Festival as part of Event and Creative directory, leading the Light Snatcher Award.

IG @rorish

Head of light snatcher award